House hunt – Day 1

April 23, 2009 at 12:57 pm Leave a comment

Tuesday was the very first day that Jeff and I went out looking at houses!  We had four in Fairview Park that we were interested in, so we checked them all out after work. (note: some of these pictures were taken from the internet, it was not snowing when we went out!)

macbeth house

1.  Our first stop was this cape cod built in 1945.  It had some nice updates in the kitchen.


Besides the kitchen updating, there was a lot we didn’t like and overall the house seemed a bit too small for us.  On to the next house!

2.  Number 2 was another Cape Cod style built in 1945.


It had the oldest dishwasher I had ever seen!  If someone told me the dishwasher was also from 1945 I think I would believe it.  Check it out.


The pic came out slightly blurry, but you get the idea!  This was the same house that had a PINK sink and a PINK toilet in the bathroom.  So wayyyyy too many updates were needed in this place!  (not to mention all the wallpaper they had yikes!)

3.  Number 3 was another dud.  It was a bungalow built 1947.  We only rated it two stars.


4.  The last house we saw on Tuesday was our favorite!  We really liked all the updates that were done in the kitchen and bathrooms.



The only downside of this one was that the basement was not at all finished and would really only be able to be used for storage.  It was a small space with a pretty low ceiling.  We were hoping to have a finished basement.  We still gave this house four stars because everything else was really nice.

Well the first day house hunting was fun, but we only liked one house out of four.  The next day we go out we’ll be looking at some in North Olmsted which I think we will really like!  The houses are newer and bigger than these Fairview Park ones.  I can’t wait to see them!


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