Second look!

May 29, 2009 at 10:44 am Leave a comment

Yesterday Jeff and I went back with my parents for a second look at the house we are interested in.
West 213th
I think all buyers should look at a house at least two times before putting in an offer. You will notice different things the second time around that you missed on your first look. What did we find that we didn’t see the first time? Well, the furnace definitely needs to be replaced. It is very old and not at all efficient. The water heater should be replaced soon, that’s also getting old. And unfortunately, I think they have a carpenter ant problem. We noticed quite a few ants in and around the main bathroom area. Yuck! I really really hate bugs and I am worried about moving in somewhere that has a bug infestation. It gives me the creeps. I did some researching online last night and found out that carpenter ants like moisture and are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Also, they can nest in moist or decayed wood inside buildings. Wood decay may be caused by exposure to leaks, condensation, or poor air circulation. If we can figure out the moisture problem in the bathroom, hopefully we could get rid of the ants. Plus my sister in law’s fiancé is in the pest control business and he can always help us out!

Is this enough to stop us from putting in an offer? Nope! This is the best house we’ve seen in our price range and it has everything we want including a spacious kitchen, separate dining room, 3 bedrooms, finished basement, fenced in yard, etc. And it does have a lot that is newer or recently updated including the windows, driveway, roof, sprinkler system, basement bathroom and more. Since we’ll need a new furnace and water heater we can put in a lower offer. There is no perfect house unless you have a million bucks to spend! Home buying is all about compromise. You have to find out what is most important to you, and ensure the house you are interested in has those features. Jeff and I were hoping to find a home with appliances included but this one only includes the dishwasher. On the bright side though, we can get brand new appliances and pick out exactly what we want! Some places we saw that had appliances included, weren’t much of a deal because you could tell that they were pretty old and wouldn’t work for much longer.

We are planning to put in an offer on this house, contingent on the inspection of course. As I read in Home Buying for Dummies, you should never skip an inspection. Every house whether new or previously owned should have an inspection. Wish us luck as we put in our offer!!


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Have we found our first house? Waiting to hear back

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