My new shower curtain!

July 22, 2009 at 1:10 pm Leave a comment

I finally decided on our bathroom shower curtain and ordered it online!  I had been looking online for a while for a shower curtain that was lime and turquoise with possibly another blue shade in it.  My favorite are the striped curtains that are fabric, not vinyl.  I wanted to make sure that I picked something good because the shower curtain is essentially the art of the bathroom.  A plain solid color shower curtain does not say much.  I picked one that makes a statement!  Here it is:
You can buy this shower curtain at for $30.  I actually found it on another website for $10 more than that, good thing I kept looking around!

So as you can see I am definitely going with a bright color scheme for the bathroom. Here is a pic of the bathroom as the owners have it now.
The tile is turquoise and my new shower curtain is mostly lime and turquoise.  I think I’ll get a lime colored rug (like this one) and maybe just a plain white trash can so that room isn’t too crazy!  I already have a few towels in those colors, but I’ll probably buy some nice new ones too.  I was considering a new silver towel bar to replace the white one they have.  I read online that towel bars can be quite difficult to remove though!  And this one is mounted on the tile, not the wall.  I will have to post a photo when everything is all set up.  This is fun!!  Unfortunately I don’t have quite as many ideas on how to decorate the other rooms yet, besides what color to paint them.  Hopefully I’ll come up with something!


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Painting and supplies! Closing

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