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We officially closed on our house last Thursday, July 23rd.  I have to try to update my blog a little more quickly about these things, but I never seem to have time!  The closing wasn’t very exciting, Jeff and I just had to sign a whole bunch of papers.  When I had watched the home buying shows on HGTV, like My First Place for example, they usually show the buyers signing closing papers at a table full of people.  That is what I expected but in our case it was just Jeff and I with an employee from the title company.  The title company also gave us the option to choose where we wanted to meet at, we decided to go to our realtor’s office since it is only 5 minutes away from us.  We signed a lot of papers that day, now I have to go back and thoroughly read them all, that should be fun!

Only two days after closing we got the keys to the house.  We didn’t find out when we were getting the keys until the day before closing!!  In the purchase agreement the sellers had basically seven days after closing to give us the keys, and then on top of that a 30 day rent option.   (this I suppose was in case they were not ready to move into their new house yet.)  The sellers were supposed to give us 30 days notice of the actual possession date, but they did not do that.  They have not at all been nice to deal with.  Once we found out how soon we were getting the keys, we had to hurry up and get all of the utilities transferred into our names.  I am glad we got the keys sooner than later, although it really would have been helpful to know about it ahead of time!


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