Snow, Snow Go Away!

February 15, 2010 at 1:41 pm Leave a comment

Snow used to be fun when you were a kid, right?  Once you become a car owner and a home owner, snow is really a pain!  Take a recent weekend for example.  Jeff and I were out of town and came home to a driveway filled with snow so deep we could barely pull in!  The last thing we want to do when getting home at 9pm on Sunday (after driving over 6 hours) is to go out into the cold and shovel the driveway.  I hate looking like the only lazy person on the street by not clearing off our driveway and side walk right away.  Don’t our neighbors have anything better to do?  A lot of them do have snow blowers though, which makes the task a lot easier.  If you are looking at homes in an area that gets a lot of snow, keep in mind the length of the driveway, steps, walkway, etc.  You will have to deal with the snow somehow, whether you shovel, snow blow, or just hire someone else to do it!  The cheapest option of course is a shovel, you can buy one for $10-$20.  Jeff and I are definitely investing in a snow blower for next winter.  Our driveway is fairly long so I think we’ll get good use out of it. Here’s a pic of our driveway after the recent snowstorm.

A quick search online shows snow blowers starting at about $400 and up. There are cheaper models available, but in my opinion, you never want to get the cheapest of anything. From experience I know the cheaper ones won’t hold up as long and may only work for a couple inches of snow and no more. My sister, brother and I pitched in one year to get my dad a snow blower for Christmas. It was definitely on the cheaper end and it did not last at all. I don’t think he used it more than a couple times before it broke. Make sure to read reviews before you buy!

If you are planning to hire someone to snow blow or plow your driveway, there are many options. Some companies out there are solely dedicated to snow removal services. If you are looking to hire a bigger company to take care of your driveway, make sure to contact them around early September or October. At the company I work for, we tried to contact snow removal companies in December and nobody would get back to us, because they were already booked! There are many landscape companies that do snow removal in the winter. And, there are always local people or even teens looking to make a few extra bucks, they are probably the least expensive way to go if you need help with snow removal.

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