Spring Cleaning

April 1, 2010 at 10:40 pm 2 comments

It’s that time of year – spring cleaning time!  Since this is me and Jeff’s first year in a house, we don’t have a prepared spring cleaning list yet, but I am working on one that we can use each year.  So far we’ve started off this spring by cleaning up the yard.  We did a lot of leaf raking in the fall, but still had some leaves around to get rid of.  We picked up sticks, pulled some weeds, and spent some time cleaning out the plant beds in the front of the house.  That included cutting dead parts off the plants, raking out leaves and old mulch, and trimming a few plants.  At this point I don’t really know a thing about plants or gardening so I hope I didn’t mess anything up out there!  Here is how the plant bed on the right side of our house looks now after the clean up.  You can see all the perennials coming up.

plant bed

Another thing many people will do as part of their spring cleaning is to clean out the garage.  All that we currently have in the garage besides the lawnmower (and our cars) is the snow shovel, rake, broom, and lawn and leaf bags.  Jeff was brave enough to go in and sweep all of the old webs out of there, so now it’s not so creepy!  I don’t plan on keeping much more in the garage than we have in there now, so we probably won’t ever have much to clean up in there.

Next on my list is the indoor spring cleaning.  This should involve tasks that don’t need to be done very frequently (like every week or every month) but still are important to do regularly.  So far I plan to do the following:

  • clean ceiling fans (now is a great time to do this so you won’t have lots of dust flying around when you start using them again.  I recommend Swiffer extendable dusters)
  • clean outside of cabinets
  • clean windows
  • clean window blinds and wash curtains
  • wash off outside screen doors
  • vacuum refrigerator coils
  • wash all blankets and comforters

I’m sure there will be more that I think of!  What is on your spring cleaning list?


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  • 1. lanette woll  |  April 5, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    You two really have it together about spring cleaning! Maybe instead of becoming a pro organizer, you might consider hiring out your services for spring cleaning!

    The cleared out flower bed looks GREAT!
    Good job!

  • 2. The Handyguys  |  April 9, 2010 at 11:41 am

    I’m getting the mower going this weekend. Gota get the cobwebs out of it, sharpen the blade, change the oil, check that the filter is clean and the spark plug is good. Oh, and then mow.

    Thanks for the blogroll listing and the tweet today.


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