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Check out the new couch

Jeff and I have recently purchased a new couch (or sectional as these are called)! Shopping for one was a long process, we looked in at least five different stores. La-Z-boy had several couches that we really liked, but they were too expensive. We ended up making our purchase at Value City Furniture, they had the best selection of modern looking couches that were in our price range. We decided that the “cocoa” color would look best in our living room out of the 5 color options that were available. Here it is:

new sectional

It is the most comfortable couch ever! Quite an improvement over the old black hand me down ones we had. Our old couch and love seat have made their way down to the basement now. The day I got home and saw the sectional in the living room, my first thought was – “It is way too big!” It is a lot taller and wider than what we previously had and it didn’t look right to me for a while. I am accustomed to the size now and I think it fits the room well.

Now of course after getting the new furniture, I do not like the look of our old coffee table with it. Several years ago we bought that coffee table and it is pretty big because it has storage space and also you can lift up the top of it. I think we will eventually get a new coffee table about half the size of our current one. We just need something more simple in the room. If you are in the market for a coffee table, let me know, I will consider selling it!

tray from Pier 1

You may have noticed the cool new tray on the coffee table too. It was purchased at Pier 1 just this past weekend. It works really well with our color scheme! Jeff and I have a lot more home improvements we are working on this summer including a living room photo wall and updates to our half bathroom, so look for those posts soon!


July 14, 2011 at 12:54 pm 3 comments

Living Room Painting

Our living room has been painted! It was actually painted a few weeks ago, but I thought I would wait to post pics on here until we had the new clock and art work up. The paint color we chose for the living room is called Nomadic Desert and you can get it at Sherwin Williams. The accent wall color is Brick Paver, also available at Sherwin Williams. The room feels so much more warm and cozy now compared to before when it was just painted white. Paint can sure do a lot for a room! Below you can see the before and after pics of our living room.

Living room before

Living room after

Here are the pics of the accent wall before and after.
Before tv wall

After tv wall

The red wall color you see in the photo above is more accurate to how it actually looks, since I took that in the daylight with no flash. The red doesn’t look quite right in the earlier photo where you can see the whole living room.

I first posted on here in October about doing the living room makeover. I would say it’s 85% complete at the moment. The final remaining piece is a new couch and new love seat, and possibly an accent chair. I will wait to get the new couch and love seat and see if there is space for a chair too. We plan to get the furniture in a dark brown color.

March 13, 2011 at 9:54 pm 4 comments

Living Room Makeover Progress

If you remember from my previous post, Jeff and I are working on a new color scheme for the living room.  We worked with an interior designer a few months ago, and now have been getting items on our own to add to the room. Here are the things we picked out.

For Christmas, my sister got us a nice dark red throw, which is shown here on our couch.  It is really warm and cozy!
red blanket

We got this nice lamp on sale at JCPenney.  I think it will really look good in front of the new curtains, which will be put up after the painting is done.
Speaking of painting, we still aren’t quite sure when it will be done.  Jeff talked with the company who did some painting for us in the past and they worked out a trade.  Jeff would create a website for them and we would get some rooms painted in exchange.  Unfortunately the process has been pretty slow.  The owner of the company is not very computer savvy and couldn’t figure out how to view the website proofs that Jeff emailed him.  Without much feedback, Jeff couldn’t go on creating the rest of the website so things were at a standstill.  At this point, I think Jeff and the owner of that company are planning to meet in person.  This way Jeff can explain the website design and get his feedback, and we can find out when we can get the living room painted.  I am very excited about it and hope it can be done soon!

Another new item we got to go with the living room color scheme is this rug from JCPenney.  We have it by the front door to put shoes on. (good thing to do so your carpet doesn’t get dirty and wet!)
This rug was a great find as it has all the colors in it that we’ll be using in the room. I was hoping to find a bigger size of this same rug, so we could put it under our dining room table. It was supposed to be available on the JCPenney website, but so far I have had no luck finding it. Stay tuned for the before and after living room photos, once the painting is done and new curtains hung!

January 17, 2011 at 1:32 pm 4 comments

Living Room Updates

Jeff and I have recently been working with an interior designer for help with our living room.  When Denise, our interior designer, came over for our second meeting she brought in several bags.  (read about our first meeting in my previous post.)  Jeff and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!  She had picked out two different sets of curtains.  Denise went over and put them up over the existing curtains, so we could get an idea of how they would look in the room.  One set was red with tan stripes, and the other set was red with different color circles.  We decided to go with the red curtains with circles as those looked nicer and we really liked them.  Denise also picked out a couple pillows, placemats, and some art for the walls.  After she showed us all of those items, she hung up some different paint swatches on the wall.  For the living room we are planning to paint the majority of the room a tan color, and then have a red accent wall.  It was easy for us to pick the tan shade, we went with “nomadic desert” from Sherwin Williams.  We narrowed the reds down to 3 and couldn’t decide from there.  Denise told us to just leave the three paint swatches on the wall and then we could see how the colors would look in a different light.  That would help us to make up our mind.  After having the reds up on the wall a couple days, we decided on “brick paver” from Sherwin Williams which is a red with some orange in it.  Here are some photos of the items that the interior designer picked out:



As you can see from all the items, our color scheme is going to be red, orange, brown and green.  Jeff likes to refer to it as an autumn color scheme.  I think the main colors we will use will be red and brown.


We are off to a great start on the living room updates!  I just had our handyman replace the old 2 prong outlets in the living room with new 3 prong grounded outlets, and since we have decided on the paint colors, we are ready to paint.   After that we will put up a new curtain rod that matches the one we put in the dining room, and hang the new curtains.  Then we can figure out where to hang the art and all the family photos.  One of the last steps will be getting our new couch and love seat, since we don’t have the money for that right now.  I wish the living room updates could be done quicker, but I know everything will look great when it’s done, so it will be worth the wait!

November 16, 2010 at 10:16 pm 1 comment

Help from an interior designer

Jeff and I have recently decided to hire an interior designer. The reason is because we need help with our living room! I think the furniture set up in the room is fine, but I could never figure out what colors to use. The walls are white and the carpet is tan, so it’s a blank slate.  Also the dining room connects with the living room, and it is painted green. I didn’t want to do all green in the living room too and I also didn’t want to do a green and blue combo since that’s what the bathroom is. Not figuring out a color scheme for the room has left it looking in need of some changes and color additions.  It really needs a unifying look.  We decided we are going to change all of the following:

  • curtains
  • curtain rod
  • paint color
  • clock
  • couches
  • rug for under the dining room table (currently do not have one)
  • decorations or art for the wall

I am excited to get going on improving the look of our living room!  Jeff and I met with Denise from Designs by Denise and we talked about what we planned to change in the room, what colors we like, etc.  She brought in a catalog of some rugs for us to show her examples of what we liked and didn’t like.  She also had about a million paint color swatches!  Denise decided that it would be best to start out by choosing the new curtains and then we could base the paint color and everything else off of that.  She told us she would be buying the curtains and then showing us what she found.  Having never worked with an interior designer before, I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought it was cool that she would be picking out something to look good in our space!  Of course she assured us if we did not like what she bought, she would simply return it.

Denise mentioned that the current set up in our living room was good and functional.  I like how we have all the furniture set up, so I’m glad to hear that she thinks so too!  I did ask her some questions about selecting new couches though and she suggested that we go with a neutral color because generally if people pick a bold color for a couch, they may get tired of it.  Plus then you have to base your whole color scheme around the couch (when it is a bold color) rather than other items in the room.  Jeff and I will probably end up buying a tan or brown couch when the time comes.  This is a current view of our living room/dining room:
living room

The day after our meeting, Denise emailed me to say she had already picked out some curtains!  Jeff and I are very excited to see what she got.  We are meeting with her this Tuesday the 26th, to see what she chose for our living room.  Stay tuned for more updates on how our living room transformation is going!

October 25, 2010 at 9:28 pm 2 comments

Painting Complete – Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would put up some before and after photos of painting that we had done in the kitchen. We had Mazco Contractors paint the second coat of “dusty leaf” green in the kitchen, as well as painting the ceiling white. The ceiling really needed to be done because the previous owners had gotten their paint color all over the edges of it, and it looked sloppy to me. Now that is all covered up and it looks great!

This BEFORE photo shows where we have the darker green painted. If you look closely you can see some of the darker green on the lighter colored wall. It came through a bit even though we put tape there! Also you can see the bad edges on the ceiling.



It’s a perfect neat edge now and looks a lot better.

In this next BEFORE photo, you can see what I mean about seeing the previous owner’s orange paint color all along the ceiling edge! Yuck!
Before - messy paint

AFTER – the lousy orange color is no longer seen!

The green color in the last two photos looks different. That is due to the first photo being taken at night with all the lights on and the second (after) photo taken in daylight. Lighting in a photo really makes a difference as you can see! Overall I am very happy that we got the professional painting done. I think we will hire Mazco Contractors in the future to paint our bedroom and living room!

August 29, 2010 at 8:10 pm 1 comment

Painting Complete

Way back before Jeff and I moved into our first home (about a year ago now) we decided to paint a couple rooms.  The previous owners had the kitchen and dining room an ugly shade of gold/orange so we painted that green, and the room that is now our office was pink, so we painted that a very light blue color (arctic stone).  This was our first time painting, even though we did some research beforehand, we made some mistakes and it didn’t come out as perfect as I had hoped it would.  The office is fine, but the kitchen/dining room I was never happy with the whole time we lived there.  We did only one coat of primer and one coat of paint, and then never got around to putting on the second coat.  Plus the previous owners were rather sloppy with their paint, and a lot of their paint could be seen on the edges of the ceiling.  It was so ugly and bad looking to me!  I didn’t care if anyone else noticed or not, I didn’t like it and I’m the one who has to see it everyday.

Finally we had some extra money to hire a professional painter!  We contacted two different companies for quotes on doing the second coat of green in the kitchen and dining room, the ceiling in there, and painting the main bathroom walls and ceiling white.  The first quote we got seemed a bit high, so I looked for a different painting company on Angie’s List.  Mazco Contractors had a lot of good reviews so I contacted them.  After showing John of Mazco Contractors the rooms that needed painting and talking with him for a while, he presented us with a quote that was HALF the price of what the previous company had quoted!  WOW!  I certainly learned my lesson: for any work on your home (unless it is very urgent or low cost) contact at least two companies for a quote!

The painting was completed last Friday.  Jeff is working at home this month, so he was home with the painter and I got to come home at the end of the day and see how great it looked!  The painter from Mazco Contractors was at our house from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Here are all of his supplies!

painting supplies

Now for a few before and after photos.  First the bathroom.  We put a new light fixture in there, and you could clearly see an outline of where the old one had been – yuck!  After the painting, you cannot see the old outline at all!  Check it out.  (the pictures are a bit dim, but hopefully you get the idea!)

before-after lights

Also in the bathroom, I guess there used to be a bigger size fan, because we could always see an outline of where a bigger one had been at some point.  Now that cannot be seen anymore woohoo!


fan after

The previous bathroom shower rod was very old and rusted, so that was one of the first things we took out of there.  We bought a nice shiny new tension rod, but big holes could still be seen where the old rod was in the wall.  Now that area has been spackled and painted over and it looks great!  Overall, painting the bathroom was mostly about filling holes and covering up marks where old things were at.  The color change wasn’t very big – we basically went from off white to white.  But I think the bright white paint color looks better with the bright turquoise tile.

I will put up a few before and after kitchen photos in a separate post!

August 16, 2010 at 12:06 am 3 comments

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