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Last Saturday Jeff and I met with Mark from American Midwest Mortgage.  My parents had recommended him to us so we figured he would be a safe bet!  Before meeting with him, we had to gather up a whole bunch of paper work including recent pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements.  Mark looked over our paper work and checked our credit reports.  The whole meeting went pretty quickly and we left we a pre-approval certificate in hand.

I was happy about getting pre-approved, but not as happy as I thought I would be.  Jeff and I both felt rushed through our meeting and expected things to go a little differently.  I don’t want to go and try to find a bunch of different mortgage companies though, I know there are plenty out there.  Plus, rates between companies would only vary slightly.  The main difference would probably be the fees that they charge.  Mark explained the application fee to us and other closing costs.  We aren’t too concerned with the closing costs because we hope to get the seller to pay those!  If we have to save up money for the down payment AND closing costs, we definitely won’t be moving this summer!  Our next step is going to be to meet with a realtor.  We met one from our First Time Home Buyer’s seminar a couple months back, so we’ll contact him first.  He seemed very nice and helpful!


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