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what i will/will not miss

Something I think that all first time home buyers should do is to take a look at where you are currently living.  Decide what you like and don’t like about the place so you know what to look for in your home.  Below is a similar list that Jeff and I made.  We looked at our duplex and listed the things that we will miss and the things we won’t miss.  Now that we’ve been in our first home close to a month, it’s fun to look back on our list.  Read on to see the things we won’t miss about the duplex.

Will not miss:

  • noisy train nearby
  • having only one bathroom
  • narrow driveway and parking on the street – Jeff would use our one garage spot and I had to park on the street.  Sometimes I couldn’t find a spot, sometimes I would come out to find my car covered in bird poo or spider webs.  Parking on the street everyday was no fun.
  • having neighbors above us – we had the lower unit in the duplex so we would always hear people walking around, fighting, and playing loud music right above us.
  • doing laundry in a creepy shared basement
  • gross spiders – Lakewood has a lot of spiders, I think because it is so close to the lake.
  • creaky floors – We had all hardwood floors which were nice but old.  They were very creaky!
  • old stove – it worked alright but I always wondered how old it really was and if it was just going to stop working one day.
  • tiny dishwasher – mom and dad liked to joke about our “tiny dishwasher”.  It was pretty small (see pic below), but it was better than not having one at all.  I’m glad to have a normal size one now!

old dishwasher

  • small kitchen
  • lack of privacy

Will miss:

  • snow plowing done for us – our landlord hired a company to do the snow plowing so we never had to worry about it.
  • landscaping done for us – a company was also hired to do yard work and maintain the lawn.
  • not paying for repairs – if we needed something fixed we didn’t have to pay for it.  That was nice!
  • nice park nearby – I really liked Lakewood park, it had nice views of the lake and the city.
  • all the storage in unit – I definitely miss the built in storage we had at the duplex.  There were built in book shelves, built in drawers, built in cabinets.  It was great!
  • price – our principle and interest on our mortgage is only a little bit above what our rent payment was, but once you add on the property tax and insurance, it’s a lot more than what we paid for rent!

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All moved in

We officially moved into our home a little over two weeks ago.  It sure is exciting being a first time home buyer!  Things have been very busy of course but life is slowly returning back to normal.  The move on August 7th went well.  The movers actually came a little late, at 8:30 rather than 8:00 but that was fine with me!  When they came Jeff and I were still trying to get some things packed up and ready to go.  The movers were both very nice and they did a great job.  Everything traveled safely in the truck and nothing was broken or damaged along the way.  The whole process took about three and a half hours.  By the time they left Jeff and I were starving so we headed to Applebee’s for a yummy lunch.  That started our week long spree of eating out quite a bit – due to the kitchen stuff not being unpacked and having no food around!  Moving is very stressful.

In the past couple weeks we have made some small changes to our first home.

  • We put a dimmer switch in the dining room for starters.  The switch was cheap and Jeff had no trouble putting it in.  We knew we needed a dimmer because the light in there just seemed way too bright!  Plus we are used to our duplex where we had dimmers on just about every light!
  • Jeff and dad put in a curtain rod above the sliding glass doors in the dining room.  I still think it is strange that the previous owners had sliding glass doors there and didn’t even have blinds or curtains in front of them!
  • We finished painting the office and I decided that the kitchen needed a second coat of paint.  Jeff wasn’t happy to hear that because the kitchen was hard to paint around all the cabinets and counters.  We might wait a while to do the second coat!
  • Of course like most first time home buyers, we bought some more furniture!  We definitely have more space now, especially in the living room, so we bought an end table that matches our coffee table, and a bookcase from Ikea!  (I’ll post pics once the bookcase is put together.)  The duplex we moved out of had built in bookshelves which really came in handy.  Once we moved in here we knew we had to buy a bookcase to hold everything!  As for now all of our books, magazines, and DVDs are still in boxes.
  • Also we put in a medicine cabinet in the basement bathroom.  The previous owners just had a mirror down there which they actually took when they moved out!  I think the new medicine cabinet looks really nice and it was under $100!

There is still more to do and more furniture to buy.  It’s a process.  Unless you are rich you cannot do everything at once!  But I think we are off to a good start.   =)

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Life has been way too busy lately and I’m really feeling stressed.  Sure I’m excited about moving into our home, but there has been a lot to do prior to the move.  Here is a run down of the last few days:

  • Saturday 8/1 we got to the house around 11:30 am or so.  To save time we picked up Subway and ate it standing up in the kitchen.  We went to Lowe’s and bought new heating vents, an outside trash can, and a few other items.  Soon after we got back, my sister in law Gina and her fiancé Shawn came over.  We showed them the place and Shawn sprayed inside and out for bugs.  They went to Baskin Robbins with Jeff and I stayed back to clean, then my sister and brother came over.  I showed them the place and they helped to clean the kitchen – sweep, swiffer, clean the refrigerator and cabinets, etc.  It was very helpful!!  They left close to 6:30 and then Jeff and I went home for dinner.  We came back to the house after dinner to paint the first coat of “arctic stone” in the office.  So Saturday we were pretty much there the whole day.
  • On Sunday 8/2 I met Jeff and 2 of his bandmates at the house after they had practice.  It was about 2:30 or so.  We put the painting tape all around the kitchen, put the rosin paper down to cover the floors, and I attempted to clean the walls a bit and spackle a few holes.  After that they painted the primer on the walls and I tried to put shelf liner in the hall closet only to discover I didn’t have enough for all the shelves so I didn’t put any on at all!  I also did a little cleaning.
  • Monday 8/3 we went to the house after dinner and Jeff removed all the old caulk from the tub and I put shelf liner in the bathroom cabinet.  We decided we needed a break from painting so we didn’t do any that day.  Jeff also discovered that the tub faucet was leaking in two spots so we have to get that taken care of!
  • Tuesday 8/4 we left work about 45 minutes early, picked up some food and headed to the house to paint.  We painted the kitchen one coat of a lovely color called dusty leaf.  I would say it took about three hours!  The kitchen was not easy to paint at all, there were a lot of small spaces and we had to be really careful of the cabinets and counters.  I ended up getting a little paint on the cabinets but I wiped it up right away so it should be fine.  I think Jeff definitely did more painting than me.  I kept feeling tired after not getting much sleep the night before and a long day of work.

    Jeff painting

  • Wednesday 8/5 we had to leave work to meet Roto Rooter at the house at about noon.  They gave us an estimate on installing a new tub facet, and 2 other minor things.  It’s sure not cheap being a homeowner!!  Later after work Jeff and I headed to Sears.  We finally picked out our washer, dryer, and oven!  We had looked around at a few stores before, but we decided we had to pick them out and order them that day because we needed to have them soon after we moved in (which is Friday).  We decided on a Kenmore oven, and a GE profile washer and dryer.  They are going to be delivered on Saturday and I can’t wait to try them out!  After shopping we headed home for dinner and then spent the rest of the night packing and doing laundry.

It still feels like there is a lot of packing to do!  The movers are coming bright and early at 8am this Friday.  I am really not a morning person and my normal schedule has me going to bed between 1:00 and 1:30 am.  We couldn’t get a later time scheduled though.  I will have to try to get to bed early tonight or take a nap on Friday!  We still need to put a second coat of paint in the office that we never had time to do yet.  I wanted that to be done before we moved in but it didn’t happen!  It’s always easier to paint when the room is empty, now it’s going to be more of a hassle.  I will be sure to post more pics and details of our painting adventures soon!

Until next time, this is Kim “signing off”!

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We officially closed on our house last Thursday, July 23rd.  I have to try to update my blog a little more quickly about these things, but I never seem to have time!  The closing wasn’t very exciting, Jeff and I just had to sign a whole bunch of papers.  When I had watched the home buying shows on HGTV, like My First Place for example, they usually show the buyers signing closing papers at a table full of people.  That is what I expected but in our case it was just Jeff and I with an employee from the title company.  The title company also gave us the option to choose where we wanted to meet at, we decided to go to our realtor’s office since it is only 5 minutes away from us.  We signed a lot of papers that day, now I have to go back and thoroughly read them all, that should be fun!

Only two days after closing we got the keys to the house.  We didn’t find out when we were getting the keys until the day before closing!!  In the purchase agreement the sellers had basically seven days after closing to give us the keys, and then on top of that a 30 day rent option.   (this I suppose was in case they were not ready to move into their new house yet.)  The sellers were supposed to give us 30 days notice of the actual possession date, but they did not do that.  They have not at all been nice to deal with.  Once we found out how soon we were getting the keys, we had to hurry up and get all of the utilities transferred into our names.  I am glad we got the keys sooner than later, although it really would have been helpful to know about it ahead of time!

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