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We officially closed on our house last Thursday, July 23rd.  I have to try to update my blog a little more quickly about these things, but I never seem to have time!  The closing wasn’t very exciting, Jeff and I just had to sign a whole bunch of papers.  When I had watched the home buying shows on HGTV, like My First Place for example, they usually show the buyers signing closing papers at a table full of people.  That is what I expected but in our case it was just Jeff and I with an employee from the title company.  The title company also gave us the option to choose where we wanted to meet at, we decided to go to our realtor’s office since it is only 5 minutes away from us.  We signed a lot of papers that day, now I have to go back and thoroughly read them all, that should be fun!

Only two days after closing we got the keys to the house.  We didn’t find out when we were getting the keys until the day before closing!!  In the purchase agreement the sellers had basically seven days after closing to give us the keys, and then on top of that a 30 day rent option.   (this I suppose was in case they were not ready to move into their new house yet.)  The sellers were supposed to give us 30 days notice of the actual possession date, but they did not do that.  They have not at all been nice to deal with.  Once we found out how soon we were getting the keys, we had to hurry up and get all of the utilities transferred into our names.  I am glad we got the keys sooner than later, although it really would have been helpful to know about it ahead of time!


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Accepted offer and inspection

So the second offer we made on the house was officially accepted! How exciting!! The sellers pushed the closing date back a week later than Jeff and I had asked for, to July 23rd. They also asked for a 30 day rent option so if they are not in their new house by July 23rd, they can rent from us. That means we will be moving in sometime between the end of July and the end of August! We are on a month to month lease at our place now, so we don’t have to be out of here by a certain time luckily. I put up several photos of our new house on Flickr, so you can check those out here.

We had the home inspected on Sunday. We were there for about three hours for the inspection! Our guy – BK from King Home Inspection was very thorough! He gave us a lot of helpful maintenance tips besides showing us what needs to be fixed. Overall, there wasn’t a lot that the house needs. BK told us that we should do the following:

  • Get more soffits installed for roof ventilation
  • Budget for a new furnace
  • Install an attic fan
  • Drain water heater to keep it running longer

Some things that we asked the sellers to do were repair the sump pump discharge line, replace toilet fill valve, clean gutters (haha, they’ll love that!), seal crown on chimney, and certify operation of furnace and air conditioner by licensed HVAC contractor.  We will see if they agree to fix those things.  We also had a radon test done on the home and that came back fine, so that is one less thing we have to worry about!  Overall I think our home inspection went well.  I would definitely recommend King Home Inspection because BK did a very thorough job and took his time to answer all of our questions!

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Waiting to hear back

We put in an offer on the Fairview Park house on Thursday, May 28th. We met with our realtor that night around 6:30 to write the offer and sign a whole bunch of papers! I didn’t realize that once an offer is accepted, you have to do the inspection within 7 days. That is quick! I better start searching the American Society of Home Inspectors for someone who will do a thorough inspection for us! Once we finished all the paperwork with our realtor Glenn, we were anxiously waiting to hear back until Friday night. I was going nuts at work all day Friday, waiting for the phone to ring!! It was no surprise that the sellers countered because Jeff and I did offer $14,000 less than the asking price! (along with asking them to pay the closing costs.) But hey, why not make the first offer low? You can’t go any lower after that! After we heard the seller’s counter offer, we came back at $5,000 higher than our original offer.

I really hope they accept this time!! I don’t want to pay much more than what we had offered the second time around. I definitely think the house is worth it though, it’s a great house! We have already mentally moved in and started trying to decide what color to paint the kitchen and what we would have to buy that we don’t have yet (like lawn mower, oven, etc). Out of all the houses we have seen, I think this has the best location. It’s close to shopping, but it’s tucked back in this quiet development and the neighborhood seems very nice. I’m crossing my fingers that we get it! Our realtor did call us today and say that we should hear back on our offer sometime tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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