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Cupcake Comparison

Hello readers!  Unfortunately I have not been keeping this blog updated as much as I would like to.  Today I am going to post about something food related, rather than home related.  Hopefully you enjoy it!

A couple years ago, I found out about a local cupcake shop called Main Street Cupcakes.  I discovered them not long after they opened their Rocky River location which was their second shop.  They now have 3 shops total: Hudson, Rocky River, and Medina.  The first time I got a cupcake from them it was the Sugar Cookie flavor, and ever since then I was hooked!


I have visited Main Street Cupcakes many times, and bought cupcakes for myself and Jeff and my family.  Everyone loves them!

Recently I found out a new cupcake shop opened right in Fairview Park, named Simply Sweet Cupcakes.  Of course I had to try them!  But of course, I immediately compared them to my long time favorite, Main Street Cupcakes.

Location: Simply Sweet is on Lorain Road in Fairview Park.  Main Street is on Detroit Road in Rocky River.  Both are about 5 minutes from my house and easy to drive to, so this one is a tie.

Price: A 4 pack of cupcakes from Simply Sweet cost $5.85.  That is about $1.46 per cupcake.  Main Street charges $2.50 per cupcake.  At over one dollar cheaper per cupcake, Simply Sweet is the winner here!

Varieties: The day we visited Simply Sweet, they had five different types of cupcakes to choose from.  Main Street has from 12 to 20 different types available everyday.  The clear winner is Main Street! (FYI – both places post their daily menus on Facebook)

Packaging: All the Simply Sweet cupcakes are packaged in plastic clamshell packages, which even though they are recyclable, seem a little wasteful.  At Main Street, the cupcakes are in a glass case and when you buy them they are put into either a paper bag or a box.  Below is the Main Street Cupcakes display.


The packaging winner is Main Street!

Frosting: I have always loved the frosting on the Main Street cupcakes, but sometimes it seems like too much frosting!  (is that possible??)  Simply Sweet cupcakes definitely had less frosting on theirs, and it was lighter.  Winner: depends on the day and your preference.

Overall taste: My peppermint cupcake from Simply Sweet tasted slightly dry.  The peppermint flavor was good and not too strong.  Every cupcake I’ve had from Main Street is always moist and delicious!  After just one bite of the Simply Sweet cupcake, I knew that Main Street was better.  Winner: Main Street.  Below is a picture of the peppermint cupcake pack from Simply Sweet.


After comparing the two cupcake shops, my favorite is Main Street Cupcakes.  If you have never been there, I highly recommend them!  Check out this page to see all the different flavors they have!  I will leave you to drool over this image of some delicious Main Street Cupcakes. 



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